December Daily Deals – Day 9

12/12/19 – Color Burst and Liquid Metals

Let’s add some color to today’s daily deal. Get a pack of Ken Oliver Color Burst and/or Liquid Metals for 60% off. These fine powders create an amazing effect when sprayed with water, blended with inks, or watercolors. The best way to learn how to use these powders is to play with them. We also have several samples in the store. Prices and colors listed below each photo.

Galaxy Color Burst Set – $14.99 (Jupiter, Platinum, Terrestrial, Deep Space, Solar Flare, Night Sky)
Liquid Metals Set – $11.99 (Metallic Coral, Metallic Emerald, Metallic Peridot, Metallic Quartz, Metallic Ruby, Metallic Turquoise)
Liquid Metals Set – $11.99 (Copper, Iron Oxide, Pewter, Platinum, Verdi Green, Yellow Gold)
Liquid Metals Set – $11.99 (Metallic Amethyst, Metallic Jade, Metallic Mandarin, Metallic Rose, Metallic Saffron, Metallic Sky)

*Deals are available while supplies last. There are no holds on daily deals, returns/exchanges, or shipping. The only way to secure an item is to pay for it by phone or in store.

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